The Pilates method uses specifically designed equipment and floor exercises to promote uniform development of the musculature of the body,  this allows for the weaker and less developed muscles to activate and strengthen in support of the stronger more developed muscles that the body ordinarily relies  on to do the work of daily activities, often creating imbalances. Pilates focuses on the core muscles first, specifically the stomach, buttocks and back, in a sense, working the muscles from the inside out. This achieves and maintains a balanced and aligned body.

To get the most out of life one needs comfortable freedom of movement in the body.  Pilates is your way of achieving this goal.

Pilates develops long, lean muscles, and helps to redefine your posture,  creating a comfortable, relaxed and confident stance.  It will help you to understand why exercise is important, not only for aesthetic purposes to alter your body shape, but also in order to avoid injury.

Our Pilates studio in Cape Town is conveniently situated in the heart of Sea Point.

Your mind, body & soul.

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